Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Claire's 9th Birthday!

I was worried this would happen. She would get a year older. TIME IS SUCH A THIEF! Sometimes it makes me panic! Claire has grown up SO MUCH this past year! She is so kind and fun and funny! She has the best belly laugh. And if you plan on giving her any sugar, WATCH OUT! Girlfriend goes from zero to 60 and turns into a hyper laughing crazy person almost instantly. It's sometimes funny and sometimes maddening. She has gained a lot of confidence this year too! I couldn't ask for anything more than that! She excels at soccer and loves it. She's been taking piano lessons and hates it so we're taking the summer off. She is a good student and friend. She's active, sweet and respectful and talented too! I love Claire so much and I'm so thankful she'll be my life-long friend. Happy Birthday, Clairey!

Her favorite things- HER DAD, making brownies, lemonade stands, soccer, wearing baseball hats, friends, Activity Days, her new "mini-motorcycle", hiking, swimming, music, being in charge of FHE, doing hair, making crafts, Utah Utes, playing house, playing school, being outside and talking!

It was the year for a date night with Mom and Dad. She picked Cowabunga Bay and then dinner at Cafe Rio...

 Earlier in the day, she also got ice cream and a new ipod shuffle from Gma and Gpa Burnett and her aunts and uncle. She told me that she almost cried because she was so excited! It was hilarious how excited she was. She looks so grown up with those in her ears...
 She also loved her new birthday jumper...

 We couldn't resist this cute scooter to give her to zip around on. She's been begging and begging for one and the whole family loves it! I ride it around too! First thing she did was put the stickers "BEAR99" on the back of her scooter for the license plate. Bear because of her nickname, Claire Bear and 99 because she just turned nine.
Her birthday fell on Father's Day this year. That also happened when she turned two. She loved sharing the special day with her dad and they both thought it was so fun to not have to lift a finger all day together. We couldn't have asked for a better daughter, that's for sure! We love our Claire Bear! Happy 9th!

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