Monday, July 18, 2016

Caleb's Kindergarten Program...

Well, Kindergarten has come and gone. Caleb excelled in reading and writing and singing! He learned some darling songs and poems. He was so well behaved and the perfect student for Mrs. Woolf. He really was so obedient and kind in the class every time I went to volunteer. I hope he continues to be respectful and a great student throughout all of his years. I burst with pride over this boy. He rocked Kindergarten!

His little program was darling. He did awesome!...

 Mrs. Woolf was the best teacher. Caleb absolutely LOVED her!
 Love him!

 Caleb and his little friend, Nikko. He had a crush on a little girl named Olivia all year too. I meant to get a picture, darnit...

Caleb on his first day of Kindergarten... He's growing up so much. ;(
I love you, handsome boy. Off to 1st Grade!

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