Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quiet Mother Moments

My life is loud and busy. It's like a tug of war and I am the rope. I am pulled and needed in every direction of my life and my children's lives. I have really been trying to take in the perfect quiet mother moments that I get to enjoy. Like:

-When Caleb pulls me to the side to tell me how excited he is to hold up a red sign at his assembly. 
-The 30 minutes I have alone with Ivy every night. I just smell her and kiss her and talk to her the entire time. 
-When Eliza grabs my hand and pulls me and says "meer". (come here)
- When Claire is tucked in bed but wants to tell me the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish before she goes to sleep. 
-When Janie asks me how many more days until Thanksgiving so she can see the Easter Bunny. 
-When I can feel someone watching me and I look over at Ivy and she's smiling the biggest most beautiful out of control smile you've ever seen. 
-When Caleb stops me in the middle of doing dishes and asks me to play him in a game of Pig. 
-When Liza crawls up on my lap and pulls up her shirt and says, "back" so I'll tickle her back. 
- When I'm doing Claire's hair and she tells me about how she can cross over with a jump rope now. 
- When Janie asks for lunch and then 20 minutes later, she's still sitting in her chair waiting for it so patiently without asking again. 

These small things every day make motherhood so beautiful and wonderful and worthwhile for me. I love my Christlike children and they teach me to be better every day. Quiet mother moments is what I live for. I'm so thankful. 

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