Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am SO excited about this year! Our lives have been really crazy over the last few years. For a while, it felt like we were playing house. We were loving our babies and our new home and friends. I was learning how to cook and clean and be a good mom. It's been so wonderful and I have enjoyed it all so much! But now, I think I have my head out of the clouds a little bit and am ready to conquer some things this year. Claire and Caleb are getting older and learning how to be good people. We've always been responsible, but now I feel like we are really a lot more mature and our goals have changed. We see a life full of vacations and great memories and a great house to raise our children in. This is the year we hope to GET AHEAD! We want to live comfortable lives later, so we have put together a tight budget in hopes to give us a better life in the future! I'm feeling confident and excited!

How is it going so far? Well, we only have $17.50 left for the month, so that's the bad news. HAHAHA! Mike always talks about budgeting, and I always agree with him, but it never really happens. So, at the beginning of January, I had 2 big grocery trips and a big Amazon order and our budget money was basically already gone. I didn't think twice about it. Then, we sat down and wrote every single transaction down and that's when I realized that Mike was dead serious. He has held me to this budget and it has been terrible. Now, I have a system in place, that I think is going to work for me! I'll have a weekly budget instead of monthly and I'm going to make this work.

So, for 2015, my resolution is not to spend so frivolously. I spend money on dumb things all of the time. So, no more of that. I'm thankful Mike is holding us accountable so we can live a great life later. Can't wait to see how we do by the end of the year!