Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Piano Recital

I was so proud of her. It is not like Claire to get in front of a lot of people and perform or speak. She really hates it. I was worried she might start crying, but she didn't. She got right up and said, "Hi! My name is Claire Bennion and I will be playing Love One Another." After she got done, she said, I don't know why I said "Hi!" It was so cute. She played her little heart out. She played the entire song perfectly until the very last 4 notes and she couldn't quite get the ending right. So, she started over not once but twice. Hahahaha! It was so cute and I was so nervous for her! But she kept on trying until she got it right. I was so proud of her and even thinking about it now makes me a little emotional. She is such a beautiful little person. I love her so!

In front of her piano teacher, Deb Nehring's home...

 Ready to go!...
Here she is with her little friend, Lainey Smith. They carpool together to piano each week. Lainey recently got baptized and Claire got her a little gift and a card. She wrote the card all by herself and it said, "Lainey, I am glad you got baptized. You are the nicest friend on earth. I love you. Love, Claire." It was adorable. I love both of these girls!
Hopefully this is the first of many recitals and she becomes a pro! I'll invest in that.

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