Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Baby!?!?!

It's true! I am pregnant AGAIN! It's a dreadful thing for me, to be honest. Not that I'm going to have a baby... I'm over the moon about that part! But, the being pregnant part is killer. When I got pregnant, I was still nursing Eliza, so I haven't had my body all to myself in a LONG time. I look forward to the day I can have myself all to myself. By the time I'm done, I figure I'll have been pregnant or nursing for almost 9 total years. That's a long time, but when I think of my mom who had 10 kids, I remember to quit being such a baby about it! Truth is, the human body is an INCREDIBLE thing and I'm extremely grateful for all I can do with mine!

I will be 14 weeks along on Wednesday. Baby is due on October 21st. Caleb keeps telling me that he is SURE it's a boy. I think it is too, but we'll see! We told the kids on Easter that we were giving them a special Easter surprise. They opened an Easter egg and found a picture of our ultrasound inside. They're reaction was pretty tame, but since we told them, Caleb has been the most interested. He asks me all kinds of questions like, "Does the baby have teeth? Does he bite you? Does it hurt when the baby kicks you? Can you see the baby in the shower? Does it hurt to have a baby?" And my favorite one of all from one of the kids, "Mom! How does the baby come out of your penis?" Ahem. We'll have to work on anatomy around here.

7 Bennions! Sounds pretty great to me!

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