Sunday, January 25, 2015

Eliza is 11 months today!

We all know how fleeting a baby's life is. It's not fair. I have moments everyday that I think to myself, "I never want to forget this exact moment." I stare at the child I'm trying to remember for a few extra seconds to let it really soak in. But, I always forget. I hope these pictures capture the feelings I have so I can remember them again when I look back.

Lizy Bean is turning into a hilarious and feisty little thang! She is so fun and endearing and always gets what she wants because she is SO DARN LOUD! Especially when she's hungry. Sometimes you just can't get that spoon in her mouth fast enough! This isn't surprising if you consider the rolls on her thighs. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world when I get to squeeze them and munch on her cheeks! I wanted to take some cute pictures of Eliza. So, I took like 130. I couldn't help it. Here are the best 30+. HAHA! I couldn't pick just one. Or ten...

Go ahead and fall in love with her...

I love my darling Valentine.

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