Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let's talk about Eliza!

She's almost 10 months old. (insert depressed face here) I missed her 9 month old post and she turns 10 months old on Christmas day. I really do fall in love with her even more every day. She said her first word. It was "Dada." She also waves and says, "hi." I think she has said "Mamma" two or three times, but I can't quite tell. She lights up my life!

She's crawling all over the place. It's more like a scoot-scoot-roll, scoot-scoot-roll, but it gets here right where she wants to be. She loves to be held and is the wiggliest little babe I've ever had! She wrestles herself right into daddy's arms because these biceps can only take so much! Just yesterday, she pulled herself up in her crib for the first time. She was so proud.

Eliza loves to blow bubbles and pretend like she's chewing gum. She loves to raise both chubby hands in the air above her head and she eats everything in site. If you get lucky enough to get a kiss from her, she goes ALL IN tongue first! It is hilarious and adorable and wet! When she wants something or is about to fuss, she moves her hands and feet in circle motions. It's kind of her warning to you until she breaks out in the LOUDEST yell/cry you've ever heard. It physically hurts my ears. I'm hoping she uses those lungs and turns that voice into a beautiful instrument one day!

Eliza has many names already. Some of our favorites our: Lizy, Lizy Lou, Liza, Liza Lou, Lizy Loozy, Lizy Bean, Lize, and My Lize. I call her Lizy the most. She's my chubbiest baby so far and I love to munch on her all day! Lots of people tell me that she looks just like Caleb. They both have that big cute round head!

Lizy has taught me so much. Who knew that no matter how many children you have, they would each come into your life for a reason specific to them? She has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought. She has taught me patience, gentleness and has given me the most beautiful peaceful and tender moments of motherhood that I've had so far. She is such a joy to have around and the other kids love her just as much as I do! She reminds me of what's important every day. I love when I get to hold her and play with her and love on her when Janie is asleep and the oldest two are at school. I will never get sick of babies. She makes my world go round! I love my little angel.

 I love my dolly!