Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Not For Long...

Janie won't be my baby for much longer. It's making me sad! I get this way every time a new baby comes along. It's amazing how much your heart grows enough to fit enough love in for another. For now, though, even just for a few more weeks, I want to hold Janie and love on her as much as I can. She brings us all so much joy and laughter! Her personality lights up our world! A few of my favorite Janie things:

Her lisp.
The way she says, "yes." Never ya, always a very pronounced "yesss".
Her run. I mean, what almost 2 year old doesn't have the cutest run?
Her singing. Ask her to sing you a song and she will. She is always singing and loves to combine the songs, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "The Alphabet Song". You can never quite tell which one she's trying to get through.
Her animal sounds.
How she yells my name over and over and over and over and LOUDER until she gets my attention.
How she always finds a way to climb up and sit on your lap while working or eating or any time at all and she could stay there forever if you let her.
Her hugs and kisses. (of course)
How much she loves her blankie and hugs it and sucks on it. (Kind of gross, but very cute)
How much she loves Caleb.
How she says "Lo" (Claire) and "Leb" (Caleb)
Her soft fuzzy crazy hair.
Her soft fair skin.
When she wrinkles her nose and says, "Nooooo" while she kind of laughs.
Bud said his absolute favorite thing about Janie is when she runs up to him and lays her head on his leg and wraps her body around his leg. She does this all of the time and it's enough to make your heart burst!
When she puts her head down, but is still looking up at you giving one scary evil look.
How much she loves shoes. (Sorry Dad, she gets this from me!)
How she'll cuddle you anytime.

I could go on and on. She is such a special little girl with a whole lot of personality! I've loved having her as my youngest and I think she will be one adorable big sister!

Here's a look back just 6 days old. Time is such a funny thing as a parent. It's so precious and goes WAY too fast. It breaks my heart. Isn't she so sweet?!...

 And here she is just the other day. She's crazy and cute. She's crazy cute!...

Gosh I love my Janie Mae. My heart is full.

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