Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flying by...

Time is flying by! Janie is over 14 months old now, Caleb is going into his first year of preschool and Claire is going into Kindergarten! My life is CRAZY right now, but a really great kind of crazy! It gets really hard sometimes, but when I want to lose my mind, here are a few things I like to remember:

-when Janie says "hi" every 3 seconds.
-when Caleb tells me I'm so pretty completely out of the blue and sometimes yells it to me when I'm in the other room.
-when Claire asks me to do something fun with her.
-when Janie climbs onto my lap and lays her little head down.
-when Caleb is being naughty, but stops and looks at me and smiles so so big because he knows how it completely melts me.
-when Claire says her prayers each night and doesn't ask for a single thing, but thanks Heavenly Father for literally everything she can possibly think of.
-when Janie laughs.
-when Caleb laughs.
-when Claire laughs.
-when Janie hears the garage open and gets so excited to see "Dadda".
-when Caleb runs and flaps his arms.
-when Claire does great at something and is so proud of herself.
-when Janie gives me a big open mouth wet kiss.
-when Caleb asks me to shut the door quietly because Janie is sleeping.
-when Claire gets ecstatic when I tell her "yes!" to something she asks for.
-when Janie wiggles her toes when she gets excited.
-when Caleb tells me that he's not handsome, but that he's "awesome and cool".
-when Claire can't contain her excitement when Janie wakes up and she gets to love on her.

I am so blessed to be a mother. I hope I can always focus on the good because it isn't always easy.