Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Soccer

This season is going to be GREAT! Claire and Caleb are on the same team and are already both doing awesome! Claire scored her first goal ever and she scored 3 goals! WAHOO! At the beginning of the game, she kicked the ball down the field and went to the goal and barely missed. Everyone on the sidelines were going crazy because this just wasn't the Claire we remember from previous seasons! She was so overwhelmed that she started crying and ran to me. It was so sad and cute. Then, she brushed off the embarrassment and went in to score 3 times. I loved watching her be a little more aggressive!

It was Caleb's first game and he absolutely loved it. He kicked it a whole bunch of times! I thought that was great because it took Claire at least 10 games to even kick the ball. I think we have a little athlete on our hands. Such a sweet boy. He just turned 3 and is playing with almost 5 year olds. He didn't throw a tantrum which I count as MAJOR success. I think he likes Bud and Korey coaching too.

GO SILVER DRAGONS! Why didn't anyone tell me that being a parent is this fun?

Next time, I'll get some awesome action shots!