Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Actually, it wasn't quite a surprise to us. We were hoping and planning this would happen and when it did, we were thrilled! We are absolutely blessed to be adding another baby to our family. I love knowing that we are one step closer to completing our family and getting everyone here. I haven't posted much about our summer mostly because, for so long, sitting at the computer would make me so sick. Pretty much the only things that made me feel better were food and lying down. Thank goodness for Buddy. He has been so patient and helpful and I can't count how many days he would see me laying on the couch like a beached whale and he didn't say a word even when the house was in shambles and there was no food to eat. I'm so blessed to have him! Thankfully, morning sickness is starting to let up and I'm becoming a little bit more helpful around here. I'm still not 100%, but I guess I'll be back to normal here in about a year. Ha!

We are so excited for another little person to come into our lives and to add another crazy dynamic to our family. We all think that it's a boy. We'll see!

Coming March 6, 2014. I will be 14 weeks along tomorrow.

Are we crazy?!?! YES! WAY CRAZY! But it's what we love! Babies and making babies! (wink,wink)

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