Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Claire and Janie Check-ups!

Claire had her Kindergarten 5 year check-up and Janie had her 15 month check-up at the same time. The doctor said that Claire answered all of the questions right and nobody had done that in a long time. :) They both did awesome. Now Claire keeps bragging to her friends about the shots that she got and how they didn't even hurt. Oh geez.

Claire- 37 lbs. - 25% 42.5 in. - 55%...... Tall and thin.
Janie- 19 lbs. - 1% 30in- 30%.... Tiny and tiny. I promise I feed her.

Clairey is my busy body. She is constantly on the go and always needs to be having fun. She doesn't quite know her limits so I really have to help her slow down every once in a while. She's been spotted napping on the couch more frequently because she just wears herself right out. Her favorite things right now are her friends, her dad, lemonade sales, listening to music and swimming.

Janie gives me so much joy! She is crazy at church and is into everything! I love watching her explore and learn. I love her loud voice and grunts and her cute laugh. I've never had a climber before, but she is definitely my little climber. Her favorite things right now are me, fruit snacks, and her blankies. I love to hear her say, "Uh Oh!"

They are both just as perfect as can be!

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