Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Goals....

Sunday, in Relief Society, we were talking about the temple. That topic has been screaming at me for a few months now. MUST GO MORE! MUST GO MORE! MUST GO MORE! A lady in my ward talked about how she is not a naturally organized person. Ahem. Sounds familiar. I try so so so hard and it is always a work in progress. She said that she noticed how when she goes to the temple often, her home seems to stay cleaner and more organized and it is easier for her to focus on keeping her home that way rather than getting distracted by other things.

I think that must be true. When I'm at peace and calm, my home mirrors that. These words have been engraved in my brain these past few days. I find that if I pick a few key words to work on, things seem to happen. Right after I wrote the words: BE WORTHWHILE on my chalkboard, my business started and good things started happening. It was because I was focused on doing more and working harder and, Heavenly Father is truly watching out for our family! Here are the words on my chalkboard now:


I'm working on being more kind to myself and my family. I'm working on being patient with my children. I'm working on being the good and surrounding myself in it. And I just think that going to the temple more often will help me get there.


The Baldwin's said...

Love you, such a good good person Jen!

Ligia said...

It's amazing the peace that comes with temple attendance. It's something I strive to do better also. :)