Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day.

It was fabulous! I didn't lift a finger. I woke up to a dozen giant covered strawberries and a gift for a romantic weekend in Park City with Bud. We get to go this weekend! Also, church was so great and didn't make me feel inadequate this year. Another bonus... I watched 2 hours of Fashion Star and an hour of Shark Tank all by myself in the middle of the day. It was awesome! AND... I didn't cook, clean or even change a diaper. Poor Bud counts down the minutes until Mother's Day is over. He was my slave for the day, that's for sure! Mwah hahahahaha!

Best of all, we went to see our mothers who go above and beyond to help us all of the time! We were blessed with the best mothers of all! I love watching and learning from them.

While we were at Dody's, Janie gave me my very favorite gift. She took her first steps! FINALLY! And it was adorable and I'm so glad everyone got to enjoy it with us. Happy Mother's Day to all of the women in my life that have mothered me in some way!

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