Sunday, February 3, 2013

Janie Mae - 11 months old!

Oh how time goes by too fast! I've been boxing up Janie's newborn clothes and it breaks my heart that she is already almost one! She is an absolute joy and brings our entire family a bright light that nobody can get enough of! It seems like yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital. She is so patient with Claire and Caleb while they drag and carry her around. She's my crawling vacuum cleaner and reminds me when to sweep and mop my floors. She loves to pull herself up on everything and cannot contain her excitement over most things. She recently had roseola which was a bit scary for me because Caleb only had a fever of 101 once and she had a fever of 103 off and on for a week. She got tested for a UTI, but was fine. Luckily, she got her little rash for 2 days and is fine now. It was so sad. When she wants to be heard, she will let you know! She has the loudest voice I have ever heard and it physically hurts my ears sometimes because the pitch is so piercing! She will only army crawl, but she is fast! She loves to point,wave, smile, and fake cough. She loves cats and dogs and tries to grab their faces and tails. Her favorite food is peas, pears, apples, bread and sweet potatoes. I recently gave her spaghetti for the first time and she ate it like I hadn't fed her in weeks. I'd say she's a fan. She is always silly, busy and wiggly, but also loves a good cuddle. She loves to scrunch her nose and blow in and out really fast. She's a bit of a show off. What more can I say?

She got a couple new bows. They don't quite match, but she wanted to model....

 This is her scooting along. She can crawl with all fours, but isn't nearly as fast as the army crawl...

She is absolutely perfect in every sense of the word! I am so thankful that she is my daughter. I love this sweet girl!

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