Saturday, December 1, 2012


November was been such a busy busy BUSY month for our family! Here's a quick little update and some important events from the month:

-Our toilet upstairs overflowed poopy water for 3 hours straight while we were at church and trickled down through the walls and floors all the way to the basement. We are currently living in a construction zone. We have to replace carpet and walls on all 3 levels of our home. (There is some good to this. We hate our carpet and tile.)
-Mike quit his job at Paychex and will start working at Flagship Financial at the beginning of next year. He was with Paychex for over 2 years, but is very excited to move on from there. We will have a couple of months of little income from Mike until he gets the ball rolling with his new job, so we are feeling the pressure!
-Mike is in the Elder's Quorum Presidency and is constantly helping people move. (poor guy) One bonus to his calling... he's now 100% with his home teaching. Ha! I am in scouts, and am surprised with the amount of time it is! Lots of meetings, planning and activities, but I do love it. Those 8 and 9 year olds are hilarious! They are obsessed with killing or hurting or making fun of Justin Beiber.
-My little side business is going well and gives me literally no free time and little sleep. Right now, it's called My Favorite Jemms, but I'm currently brainstorming for a new name because I just ran with that one on a whim. I don't love it. I'm having a website and logo made and I have 9 more days to figure out the name. I love using my adult brain and have learned so much about myself. It has given me a lot of confidence and I'm really glad I went for it! Hopefully there's a lot of good things to come!
-Milk got spilled in the back of our Envoy and smells horrible. I scrub and scrub and nothing! And it attracts bees!!! Gross! Any suggestions of getting rid of that smell?
-Mike and his partner bought a fixer upper home in West Valley and flipped it. It finally got completed this month and now we're just waiting for a buyer. We're thinking people probably don't move around the holidays. Yikes!
-Thanksgiving was lovely. Dinner with the Petersons. Dinner with the Burnetts. Park City and dinner with the Bennions.
- Claire, Caleb and Janie keep us so busy and so happy. With this month being so busy, they keep me in check and help me remember what's important in life! Without everything else that's going on, they do plenty to keep us busy enough! Babies make this world go round.

I'm hoping that December is a little more uneventful as far as spilled milk and toilet water goes. I'm so glad it's the Christmas season! My favorite.

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