Tuesday, August 14, 2012


August 1st marked our 5 year anniversary. We had a simple day and Bud made sure I didn't prepare a single meal which was nice. What can I say? He is perfect for me. I love to be around him. I love the energy he brings to me and those around him. I love his wittiness and level head. He does the dishes after every time I make a meal. He's clean and I never have to pick up after him. There is so much that I appreciate about him. He does a lot around the house to help me. He's smart and most don't know this... he's very sensitive. He has a tender heart and is a great father. I'm so thankful to have him, and every once in a while, I get such an overwhelming deep love for him. I'm thankful for those moments too because we all know marriage isn't always a fairytale, but he sure is my prince charming!

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