Thursday, April 5, 2012

One month...

Can you even believe it? I never felt this way with my first two babies and I even hate to say it, but I'm a bit relieved to be done with the first month. The lack of sleep was HARD! Having 3 babies 3 and under is hard too, but I love it and I would never have it any other way! Now, we are on a great schedule and life is wonderful with this precious girl. I love to munch on her cheeks and she's even starting to get some rolls on those skinny legs of hers! I'm so glad she's a part of our lives and I almost can't remember what life was like without her. Janie Mae is an absolute angel and we love her to teeny tiny bits and pieces. Now I REALLY want time to stand still.

This little ham has to be in any and every photo op...We were lucky enough to have Great Grandma Bennion and Aunt Dita come over and join us for dinner. I'm so glad these two got to meet! She is an amazing woman and has the best sense of humor!Happy One Month, Janie! We've survived so far. Now, let's thrive!

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paulnmea said...

I am so impressed you are on a schedule now. And happy you are getting at least some sleep. She is so cute! Will she be your redhead?