Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love Easter!

I've said before that it's my second favorite holiday after Christmas, but it might be tied for first. The sunshine, the green grass, the budding flowers, the blossoming trees, the reminder of a new beginning, and most of all... the Resurrection. I love it all! Even the Easter Bunny and let's not forget Cadbury Mini Eggs!

The fun begins at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt...
Chocolate...yum...Our little bunny...The Easter Bunny came for a visit and this was as close and the kids would get although they could have stared for hours...Dying Easter Eggs...We did our family hunt on Saturday. That will be the new tradition...She was in egg heaven!...Caleb didn't care about anything but the candy in the eggs...Her loot...If you only knew how hard it is to get a good picture of this boy... I think this is a goodie...Bunny ears... The picture in the back is what Bud got with his Easter basket. Still trying to decide where to hang it...Cute...Easter Sunday. It was really hard/weird trying to take these pictures with 3 kids. It's so weird even looking at it... I LOVE it!...Poor Janie did have a bow on, but they are such a pain to constantly adjust, so I took it off. Now you can see her cute face instead of a massive bow!Mom and Dad with Janie Mae...This is the best picture I got of Caleb and his sisters even with LOTS of bribery...Sisters... Poor Janie. Haha!OH MY HANDSOME! He kills me...Sunday evening at the Peterson's. Grandpa's new chickies...Ben, Sean and Papa Tom...Claire filled her carton the fastest! That girl was on a mission...And this sums it up for Caleb...Driving around the garden...Caleb and me with the big chickens...It just wouldn't be a Peterson get-together without some kind of game going in the backyard and on the kitchen table. Woofle Ball... I'm a little worried about this situation with Caleb and Thomas... Ha!And Scrabble... I won!I hope every one's Easter was as great as ours! What a perfect day!

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paulnmea said...

They look so cute all dressed up. I am totally impressed you found matching clothes for your girls. AND you beat Grandma Cath at Scrabble. Very impressed.