Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Janie's Birth Story...

Buddy took Claire and Caleb to a movie and Janie is asleep, so I thought it'd be a good time to jot down my birth story while I had the chance. I wish my mom would have done this so I could see how our experiences compared. If you don't like the words blood or mucous or cervix, this post just isn't for you.... it's just for me. :)

About a week before Janie Mae came, I had a bloody show. When I started labor with Claire, I had some bloody show and she came the very next day. So, that's what I thought would happen with Janie! I thought for sure the time had arrived! That night I had some major contractions, but after about 3 hours, they stopped. I was really frustrated, but okay with it. I didn't want her to come TOO early. I continued having a lot of bloody show and painful contractions,the next few days, but nothing consistent. Janie came on Friday and on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was up all night long having contractions 7 minutes apart. But after 4-5 hours each night, they let up. I was so frustrated! It was torture thinking this could be time over and over again. FINALLY, on Thursday, the contractions came again at about 2:00pm and they didn't stop. I knew it was time! HOORAY!!!
We got to the hospital at about 6:00pm and they told me I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. The magic number to be admitted is a 4, so they told me I could go home or go walk around the hospital for an hour and hope it got me going. I knew I was in labor, so a walk it was! We walked for an hour and got back. The nurse checked me again and I was still a 3! I was ticked. By this time, I wanted to go home and go to bed, but I knew I'd be back in an hour if I did. I asked her if we could stay for a half hour and let my body relax to see if I would dilate some more. When she came back, I was a 4 and 90% effaced. Hurray! I was finally admitted! The end was here! Such a relief!!! And those contractions were killing me. I was so excited for my epidural.
The doctor came in and broke my water around 10:30pm and I was dilated to a 5. Finally, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me an epidural shortly after. First of all, epidurals terrify me. Not because I think I'm going to get paralyzed and not because of the huge needle going into the spine, but because of the shockers it sends through your body! Oh my gosh! I hate hate being shocked. I hate not knowing when it's coming and I scream like a man with a really deep voice when it hits me. For some reason, this time, I was super hyper and cracking all kinds of jokes that only I found funny while he was working on it. I think it was my defense mechanism. I don't know. But once the shock went down my left leg, I knew the worst had passed. And then they went warm and I was a happy girl! From that point, Bud and I were able to get some rest before I had to push which was a relief for both of us.
Finally, at about 3:50am, I was feeling the pressure and urge to push. Dr. England obviously rolled out of bed to be there with his stick of gum in his mouth and hat on. I was so thankful he came! I really love that guy. It was time to push! I was so excited and Buddy was delirious from being up all night. This part was just easy peasy! I pushed twice and Janie came right out! I couldn't believe it! She was born at 4:07am. When she first came out, I thought she looked just like Caleb, but after a few minutes, I realized she had her own sweet look to her although I catch glimpses of Claire every once in a while too. Those few short moments after giving birth are the most exhilarating relieving joyful incredibly sacred moments that can happen in life! The raw emotions that I see from Bud and the raw emotions that I feel are beyond words. These are feelings that I live for and I would give birth 1,000 times over if I could.
It's amazing how different all 3 of my labors and pregnancies have been. This little Janie sure gave me a run for my money this pregnancy. It was the hardest pregnancy I've ever had and I'm so thankful that it's over! And even more than that, the prize that we were waiting for is finally here and I could not be more thrilled with our little gift that has arrived! I'm lucky to feel deep intense love for my infants immediately. Newborns are the most precious gifts and I cherish my time with Janie while she's brand new! I don't want to know what she's going to be like one year or 20 years from now. I just want her to stay right where she is right now!
Recovery has been similar to Caleb's. While it's demanding to have 3 to take care of, my body is feeling good although it could use some more sleep!
Janie came 10 days early weighing 7lbs. 4oz. I'm so excited to have a smaller baby than the other two! That just means she'll stay smaller longer. My hospital stay was wonderful and the rest was even better. I thought of mothers that have home births and other children and home and wondered how they did it the first couple of days. I really enjoyed my experience and consider it a complete dream come true that my family is continuing to grow. My emotions are high and I feel overwhelmed with love from my Heavenly Father! I need to always remember that pregnancy is such a small sacrifice when you realize what comes at the end. We love our little Janie Mae!


The Brandt Family said...

yay jen! you did so good. and janie mae is so beautiful. i am insanely jealous that you have a newborn! gosh-i need one!:) your little fam is just perfect! and nice job, bud, on the wall removal. i am impressed!

Rachel said...

Congratulations Jennie! Little Janie is a doll. I hope you continue to feel good. We can't wait to meet her!

{wade.and.katie} said...

So exciting Jennie! She is beautiful and you look absolutely great for just giving birth!
ps...aren't the epidurals the best thing since tampons?!

Bailey Family said...

She is so darling! I love her name! What a cute family you have. you are seriously the cutest mom. I also have Dr. England and I too love that man. That is so awesome he came in the night to deliver your sweet baby. Love following your fun growing family. Their all adorable :)