Monday, May 30, 2011

Von Jovi....

My friend, Von (Savannah) custom made some flippin cute pillows and is giving them away! Cami, from All Things Lovely , is doing a giveaway on Tuesday for these two pillows that Von from Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts made!

K, seriously.... do you know how much custom pillows cost!???! Seriously! Just go check it. Check baby check baby 123... You'll probably want to win these too... or if you just want some, I bet she'd make them for you for a discount. Yup... I'm offering it right now. Mention this post and get 99% off your order! Booya!

1 comment:

Wren and Savy said...

Jine I seriously love you! Check baby check.... 123, I LOVE that! And yes, u are correct, 99% discount! Thanks Jine! Thanks thanks thanks!