Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cages are my favorite?

Yesterday we were driving past a post office that had underground parking for the mail trucks. There were bars surrounding the parking garage, so, to Claire, it looked like a cage.

Claire: "Look, Mommy! It's a big cage!"
Me: "Oh wow! That's right, it does."
Claire: "Cages are my FAVORITE!"

She cracks me up. I've never heard of anyone liking cages so much! She does, however, make a good point. If we're talking about cribs(baby cages), cages are my favorite too!

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Kenzie said...

Ok, this post kills me because there is a HUGE movie theater being built right next to us. It got started about 6 months ago and oddly enough right then Krew stopped sleeping through the night and started crying at bed time and in the middle of the night that he was "scared of the cage" we never could figure out what is was until one day I begged him to please tell me where and what the cage is, he pointed right to the theater and said right there outside my window. We still are having bed time troubles and if it wasn't a cement building I swear I would burn it down!! Can Claire please come teach Krew to LOVE cages?!!!