Friday, February 4, 2011

"Freakeen out, Mom!"

Claire, Caleb and I were trying to leave the house yesterday, so I told Claire to get her hat, scarf and mittens on and told her to hurry. She said, "Stop freakeen out me, Mom!" Huh? "What, Claire?" "STOP FREAKEEN OUT ME, Mom!!!" Hahahahaha! I just had to drop all my stuff and run over and squeeze her! She is so funny and cute that I just can't help it! I'm sure she's heard me say "freaking" a few too many times! I'm not sure if she was trying to say, "Stop freaking out at me, Mom!" OR "Stop freaking me out, Mom!" I'm sure she meant both.

GUESS WHO turns one on Tuesday?!?! Can you EVEN believe it? I sure can't. We're inviting our grandparents and a few others to celebrate. Here are the fun invites they got...

He's our little buckaroo, so we couldn't do anything different than a cowboy theme!

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The Laybourne's said...

Haha I love sassy little girls!!! your kids are too cute!!! I can't believe he is one! That went by so fast! Love the invitations you did, so fun! :)