Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clairey's Play Kitchen

For Christmas, Clairey was lucky enough to get a fun handmade play kitchen from Bud and me. Buddy built it and helped sand it, I painted it and got/made all of the accessories and he measured and screwed everything in. I loved working on it! It took us about 2 weeks to do it in between naps and at night. The worst part about it was running around everywhere getting every accessory. Running errands with 2 kids is not my forte. If I were to do it over, I would give myself more time to complete it so I could have more time to find deals on wood, paint and the rest of it. But, we were in a Christmas rush, so we went with what we could. And, it turned out pretty dang cute. It isn't perfect, but it's a toy. Claire just loves it!

We set up the kitchen in our kitchen so she could cook while I cook. It may get moved soon though because it's always a mess!

She loves to say, "Dinnertime!" And feeds us all kids of delicious feasts.

Time to make some cookies. Hooray!Seriously, these are the best sugar cookies ever. They come out every holiday with a new picture on them. Claire did a great job placing them on the cookie sheet with a little help. Be careful. You'll eat them all before you know it!
She just didn't like that she couldn't eat them until they were baked! A little lick never hurt anybody. Geez. This girl is getting too big!

I love my best little friend...


Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

What a sweetie Jen! She has every little girls dream kitchen!

Julie said...

WOW that is an awesome kitchen! Way better than those plastic ones! I am very impressed :)

Anonymous said...

That kitchen is awesome!! I'm impressed. It turned out really cute. Last year Luke and I decided to build our entertainment center. And surprisingly it was fun to work on together and now I love it since it was built with love(that was meant to be cheesy)