Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 1/2...

...and it's not the easiest to get a perfect picture these days!

Claire turned 2 1/2 yesterday. Paul and Meagan describe her as pleasant. It's true. She is. She's up for anything with a great attitude. She does get emotional sometimes (much to her father's dismay), but I'm pretty good at knowing how to handle that. She is always thrilled to help out with anything. She often asks me for a wet towel and runs around the family rooming wiping and cleaning everything she can. She loves playing with her cousins and friends and whoever will play with her! She is very friendly, funny, smart, particular and sweet. She just started going to preschool with Mrs. Tracy once a week and loves it and is always sure to point out where Mrs.Tracy lives every time we drive by her house. You'll never find Claire in tears when I leave her with anyone anywhere. She's pretty happy to see me go and loves nursery and grandparents. I'm sure thankful for that! We'll see how Caleb does when he gets old enough. I have a feeling he'll be just the opposite... Claire also loves to play "lions" and if you come to our house, she'll be sure to ask you to play it with her. She turns off all the lights and runs around roaring and hiding. She loves to turn off the lights even when we aren't playing lions and it drives me insane. She is also getting very good at teasing her brother and he does NOT like it. I have a feeling this will never change.
I often go to get her from her nap and she has a blanket over her head waiting to scare me. I also walk in while she is pretending to breastfeed her baby. Oh dear! Claire also likes to put random items in time out next to the toilet. (Which is really weird because TO is nowhere near the toilet.) Speaking of TO, it works REALLY well for Claire. And I'm glad. :) I threaten time out probably 30 times a day, but only have to put her in a couple of times a week. Dancing, Minnie, Dora, the ABC's and playing "Ring Around the Rosies" and also among her big long list of favorites!

Just a few funny things Claire has said lately:

While shopping at Target, Claire saw a bra..."Mommy, LOOK! For your nipples!"

Claire never lets us do anything without saying prayers first which is so sweet. We always let her decide who gets to say it and lately, she always picks herself and does not allow any help. In her sweetest whispering prayer voice, she does a perfect job blessing all of us like "Daddy work. Thank you Dodo. Thank you Daisy. Thank you Cawub. Thank you food. Bless us sleep good."...just to name a few.

Anytime Caleb is crying, Claire is quickly to the rescue hugging him saying, "It's okay Cawub. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Was da matter, buddy?"

After tracing Claire's hand in church on a piece of paper, she puts her head face down on the paper and says, "Mom! Trace face!"

After posing for pictures, Claire always says, "Cute Mom!"

After Mommy goes pee in the potty, Claire says, "YAY MOMMY!!!!! Mommy want candy?!!!?"

We're sure glad to be done potty training and proud of our little princess! She's so awesome.


Ligia said...

I think my fave is the bra she saw at target. So funny.

Kara Simmons. said...

I love her cute braid in her hair! Lydia doesn't care when I leave her anywhere either. She's quite happy about it! Maybe with my next one I'll get a mama's boy like you!

Wren and Savy said...

My favorite thing about this post is that she puts her head down and says, "Trace Face", so dang cute!