Sunday, December 26, 2010

We love Christmas!

Gifts. Food. Laughs. Family. Fun. And especially, the birth of our Savior! It was special. And I felt especially thankful for Jesus Christ's mother, Mary, this year. I tried to imagine myself in her shoes being 9 months pregnant traveling on a donkey and giving birth surrounded by animals. I imagine she was crazy about her sweet new precious baby, Jesus, just like the rest of us mothers are for our own children.
We celebrated just like we always do. I'll let the pictures do the explaining. I hope you all had a special Christmas just like us!

Just a few highlights.....
-We built and made Claire a darling little kitchen for Christmas and we can't pull her away from it. She LOVES it and so do I! Idea from HERE. I also made her a blanket not too big, but bigger than her baby ones. She also got shoes, toys, books and treats from grandparents.
-Buddy wanted and got a popcorn popper which I find hilarious for some reason. I also got him some coveralls that were WAY too small which was even funnier. We also got some pretty awesome matching turtle necks and gift cards galore from our parents.
-I got a dreamy new kitchenaid mixer and sewing stuff! YAY!!!!
-Caleb got blocks and balls and books and clothes from grandparents.
-We were spoiled rotten and are so thankful for our loved ones that spoiled us so much!!! Presents are fun fun fun!


Rachel said...

Wow your kitchen turned out so darling...I LOVE it!! You're so crafty.

The Baldwin's said...

shut the freak up!! that kitchen, seriously?!? how did you make that!! I LOVE IT! and that quilt you made Clairey is darling, my goodness you are supermom! and YOU'RE so flippin gorgeous, look how long your hair is!! can't wait to see you in a few days :)

troy and erin said...

That kitchen is SOOOO cute! I want one!