Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Capsule

The adult Christmas party with the Peterson's was a hit! Bud and I went to a family party with just the adults and I hope the tradition carries on forever! I'm ticked I didn't get even one picture, but I'll always remember it! We opened a time capsule that my family made 20 years ago. Each child wrote who/what their friends/crushes/interests/goals/predictions were. It was HILARIOUS reading what everyone wrote. Some of my favorites that each person wrote: (there were many more than just these. These are just a few of the funny ones.)
Josh - (Sr. in HS) I love girls and to kiss them. I love to flirt. My grades have decreased significantly since moving to South Jordan.
Ben - (Jr. in HS) I want to be rich and since I have the greatest parents, I will have bought a house for my mom and a Porsche for my dad. I also hope that I am not married. What a waste of $$$$!
Jamie - I will have been in all of the biggest box office hits and I will be starring in my own sitcom.
Charlie - I will be a professional basketball player and play for UNLV or BYU. He also talked about inflation and politics. (surprise, surprise)
Mary - I will be an elementary teacher and be married to her 6th grade crush. She was in 6th grade and wrote that she weighed too much! GASP!!! 6th graders shouldn't be saying that!
Paul - I will have baptized 350 people and this Bo Jackson baseball card will be worth $50. (He taped a card onto the page. We looked it up on eBay and it is worth $49.95)
Ephraim - I will be playing soccer in college and have really good grades. He also predicted that Sam would stop peeing to bed.
Sam - I can't remember what Sam wrote! I will have to go back and read it!
Jennie - I was 5. I drew a picture of all of my family and we all had pig noses. And then I wrote that my best friends were Annie Wallace and Rachel Mecham.
Jake - I can't remember Jake's either. Shoot!

I loved reading it all and looking through all of the fun pictures. I'm sure my parents will treasure that capsule forever! I plan on starting one for my family and doing it every 5-10 years. That's a perfect Family Home Evening activity!


Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

Wow! Good for your parents for remembering to open it after 20 years! that is such a good idea, sounds like a lot of fun!

Ligia said...

You guys are just full of great ideas. I want to do that now too. I'm such a copy cat. :)