Friday, September 10, 2010

Claire is definitely 2.

Talks non-stop.

Repeats everything I do and say.

When asked to do something, she replies politely with "No thank you Mommy." like I was offering her a piece of cake. "Claire, put your books away please." "No thank you Mommy." "Claire, will you please bring me a diaper for Caleb?" "No thanks, Mom." "Claire, do you need to go to time out?" "No, no thank you Mommy. Sorry Mommy."

She has really good manners and people always compliment her for it. "Claire, did you toot?" "Cuse me please." While stepping on my toes to get into a drawer. "Sorry Mommy. Cuse me please." Please, thank you, and excuse me are some of her favorite words.

Recently, she an entire pack of gum before I noticed and she smelled like mint for 2 days.

She loves to pretend that her tummy hurts and asks for medicine.

She was potty trained before we drove for 4 days across the country with her in a diaper. Now, we are re-training her.

She gets into anything and everything especially when she wants attention. I try to not give her much for it.

She is easy to bride and threaten. I know. I'm absolutely horrible. It works!!!! I try to follow through with the threats, but I sure ain't perfect!

She loves to play with other kids to the point of her own detriment. She tickles them and follows them around thinking it's a game, but sometimes they are trying to get away from her. So so so sad, huh?

I could go on and on. She is such a special girl. My absolute favorite girl. She is so sweet and cute and smart and friendly and whitty and fun and has such a tender heart. She is kind to everyone and liked by everyone. I'm so proud to be her mom!

Being sweet...

Being shy...

Being silly...
So proud of her rock collection...
Playing with her friend, Nahla...
Toast with her cousin, Joshie...

Here are her stats from her 2-year check-up:

weight - 27 lbs. 11 oz. - 55%

length - 35 in. - 70%

head - 47.3 cm - 30% (only 2 cm bigger than Caleb!)

She's tall and average with a small head. Just perfect!

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The Baldwin's said...

look at you, you postin little fool, loved them all! that claire, good thing she's got the cutest manners, cause man she is demanding :) and Caleb, i like him floppy too, i wish C was a little more floppy, she's growing too much, so good for Caleb, thata boy! love you bennion family!