Monday, August 30, 2010

The last stretch

Only 532 miles to go. Remember when I said I like road trips? Well.... I do. But I meant to say I like them, but no further than California. It's been a long few days but I'm really happy to say that home is finally within reach. Yesterday we blew a tire and sat on the side of the road for 3 hours, but we got through it! A really nice guy stopped and helped us thank goodness. We didn't have a spare tire for the trailer and nobody in Boonville, MO is open on the Sabbath. We finally found a place, so we unhooked our car, unloaded the front seat and trunk and left it on the side of the road to go put new tires in the trunk. I went and picked them up only to find out they didn't fit. So Bud and the nice went back and got the right size and changed the piece of garbage tires and sent us on our way. It sucked. But we survived. Claire loved not being strapped in and Caleb fell asleep in my arms which I will always accept with a smile.

Good little driver.

The good Samaritan.

Sleepy. Sleepy.

Saving the day.

New tire.

Loved pushing every button.

I'm so happy my next post will be from the comfort of my home! Utah is a really really great place. I realize it more and more every time we move.

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