Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 years...

and counting.... Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary! It seems like we have been married for way longer than that! Not in a bad way. I just feel like we have done in 3 years what most people do it 10! When I think about our marriage, I can't help but just laugh. We make each other crazy a lot of times, but we mostly understand each other and can get through anything. We are not perfect people and a therapist would probably say that we are crazy and and that we belong in the psych ward, but we are perfect for each other. When Mikey pulls attitude with me, I have no problem pulling it right back. And when I have attitude with him, he has no problem laughing at me. Not with me. At me. It sucks, but what a great quality to have! I'm glad he can laugh at me when I'm being crazy because what would happen if he acted the way I did? Oh my. Thank goodness we'll never find out.

Just a few things that I have learned from Mikey:

*To always have a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances may be. He truly does whatever he has to for our family with zero complaining.

* To be organized! This guy is so organized, loves to be organized and helps me to be better. If it were up to him, we'd have labels in everything in our cupboards and every detail of our lives layed out on a spreadsheet.

* To be clean! Cleanliness.... Let's get real here. My bedroom was a disaster my entire childhood. Mikey is a very clean person and loves cleanliness. I LOVE when he goes on a cleaning kick because he does it well and it does it right! I've tried to up my game and keep the house clean for this guy. (at least by the time he gets home from work!)

* To relax a little. The world will not end if things aren't just how I want them. Sometimes I am very particular about dumb things like naptime, lights being on, the temperature of the house, bottle temperatures, where things go, night-time routines, etc... and when they don't go how I like, somehow, everything turns out just fine and he calms me down.

* To be a Jazz fan! Go Jazz!!!!

* To have quality work. If something is worth doing, then do it right! I'm sure we've all heard this before, but Bud always lives up to this. When he gets his mind set on something, he does it and he does it really well and usually perfect. (Like re-finishing an entire bedroom set in 4 days, cleaning out anything and everything, getting good grades, re-organizing, vacuuming (he's obsessed with perfect lines), home repairs, and so many more...

* To spend wisely!!!! This guy is a smartie pants when it comes to money and I'm really glad because if it were up to me, I'd have a lot more cute clothes and nice furniture and everything in between. He is quite the stickler and I'm so glad. At the same time, he'll splurge every once in a long while on a nice meal or vacation or something nice to wear. Thank goodness for his $$$$ wisdom!

* To be assertive. I thought I was assertive before, but this guy is assertive and in a good way. He always gets bills lowered, grades raised, prices lowered for everything (cars, phones bills, doctor bills, repairs, tv/internet, (got $1,300.00 off a hospital bill for something nobody would have thought twice about), and etc. He knows where there is a will there is a way and he finds a way and he gets his way! He is very confident and sure of himself and charming almost always. It's a great quality!

There are so many more things that he has taught me. I'm so glad that we chose each other. We laugh a lot and that's what I like most about us.

Happy Anniversary Baby Cakes! Thanks for everything you teach me. I love you. So much.



Julie said...

Congrats! Isn't it nice we can all find men who will put up with our craziness ;)
I feel lucky too!!
ps- You 2 make a cute couple! And you make some cute kiddos!

Lacey Tait said...

So sweet Jen!! Bud is a great guy and you guys are perfect together!! You're right is does seem a lot longer then 3 years!! I guess because I saw it all start from the very beginning, love it!!

The Baldwin's said...

such beautiful things to say Jen, I'm so happy that you are so happy :) have a wonderful anniversary, maybe make another baby or two