Monday, April 19, 2010


This weather is worth talking about. I never realized how grumpy I've been the past few months until the sun started shining. Now, I'm as happy as can be! Last night, we took a walk outside in flip-flops and played kick ball at the park!!! Finally. I love the sunshine and so does Claire! "Side, Side? Side!!!!!"(Outside) is all I hear all day. She is obsessed with being outside and even got a little sunburn on our hike the other day. We have loved going to the park, flying our new kite, going on a hike, dutch-oven cooking(Bud's new hobby), and throwing fu**s. (rocks) Thank you sunshine for joining us!


Shantay said...

Fun! MY kids love being outside too! Miss you guys!

Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

So fun! I love outside too! So far all i've done is lay out on my deck dressed in jeans and a t-shirt! It was pure HEAVEN!!! The sun is so good for you! I need to learn to cook with the dutch oven, will Bud teach me?

Alfie's mum said...

I am officially inviting you over for a Jazz game and some of your hubbies dutch oven cooking. :)