Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sink Bath

I think Claire Bear might be getting too big for a sink bath. But she still loves them and I love to see her toes peak up over the top of the sink. I am, however, pretty sad those toes can reach. She is getting so big so fast and learning so many words every day!

Some of her favorite words: (Make sure and picture her saying these words with a lisp.)
I luboo - I love you.
binkdin - binki
nack - snack
socio - lotion
upcuh - cup
tembo - temple
culubba - Caleb
nose - snow
side - outside
none - phone
poose - purse
soosh - shoes
ipped - dip
no - yes (no means no and no means yes too!)
jes - yes

Geez. There are sooo many more! She's a little copy cat and will repeat anything you say and do. She cracks us up all day long and surprises us all the time with new things she learns! She is currently obsessed with other kids, giant legos, purses, clipping the straps on Caleb's car seat and bouncer, eating her treat (vitamin) everyday, reading her baby Disney book about "Things that Go", climbing into Caleb's crib and jumping, taking off her diaper in the middle of the night, cars, bikes, temples, cleaning(spitting on the table or floor and getting a brand new towel out of the drawer to clean it up), running away from me laughing her head off, playing with her friends and cousins and pushing buttons. She's my little button pusher.

How is it that she is getting too big for the sink? Good thing she loves showers too.

P.S..... I have to speak at church on Sunday on a Conference talk. Any talk I want. HELP!!!!!!


Joe and Rindi said...

So cute! But yeah, I think she's getting a little big! ha ha! She sounds like she's just growing up so fast and it's fun to hear what stages she's going through! As for the talk. ... do the one on Motherhood from the Saturday morning session. You're a great Mom so you'll already know a lot and there's always a lot of material you can use for a talk about Moms. Plus everyone has one so it applies to everyone! . . . Good luck!

Lacey Tait said...

That is funny to see Claire in the sink!! So cute!! It's crazy how fast she is growing up,she is the biggest cutie!! Oh my heck good luck on sunday, you know that was coming!! You'll do great!!!