Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This week I have known that March 17th was coming and I kept checking my calendar to see what I had. I knew something was on March 17th. Who's birthday was it? What was I forgetting? Then, this morning while I was reading the news, I realized...DUH! It was St. Patrick's Day! I am so dumb! I immediately looked for something good and green to bake and baked some sugar cookie bars that turned out pretty good. Hopefully the kiddos like them at the BBQ at Jamie's tonight. How could I forget St. Patrick's Day? I looked forward to that day for weeks growing up! I was ALWAYS the first person to pinch anyone I possibly could at school that wasn't wearing green. And every time, they would pinch me back 10 times because they were secretly wearing green socks or had a green sticker under their armpit or something lame like that. Isn't that cheating? I think so....

Today started a little rough. My pajamas weren't green and while I was laying on my back, bouncing Claire on my knees, Mikey decided to attack me with pinches. Of course my immediate reaction was to protect myself (my chest) and I let go of Claire and she fell flat on her back. She wasn't that high, but the thud was really loud and broke my heart. Poor girl. I felt awful and I immediately changed my shirt and I am now off limits! Now he is not allowed to touch me. Seriously. I'll probably call him a leprechaun for the rest of the day. He does have red hair you know. And freckles. And don't you try to pinch me either! My entire shirt is green, so if you do....know you'll be pinched 10 times.


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