Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday night

We finally got out of the house for a bit. Mikey is not a mall goer so I was completely pleased that he agreed. He probably won't ever agree again though because I left his new shirt by the Merry Go Round and realized it on the way out on the other side of the mall. I went back for it and was so excited when I saw the bag sitting on the table. But... inside the bag was nothing but the lousy receipt. Someone took the shirt without the bag. Jerks. Besides losing his new shirt, we had a great time and Clairey loved her horsey ride. I think I loved watching her even more. She's so big and it's so much fun showing her new things she can do. I love it! Caleb was perfectly asleep in the stroller. I love my family.


Alfie's mum said...

oh Jennie! you baby boy is gorgeous! he is so so so so cute! boys are the best! congrats!

Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

That really sucks that someone took your shirt! Seriously people!!!!

I can't wait to take my kiddos to the mall to ride the carosel! :) How fun! Bud is a trooper!