Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I need to blog....

Since Christmas, SO MUCH has been going on! Here's the list if you care...

New Year's Even trip to the cabin.
Moved New Year's Eve.
Moved New Year's Day.
Still unpacking boxes.
LOVING our new place so so so much!
36 1/2 weeks pregnant and dilated to a 1.
Started my internship and LAST ever semester of school!!!
Mikey also started his final semester. We graduate together in April.
Found out baby boy is going to have 2 more baby boy cousins within 4 months after him.
Baby boy still has no name.
Baby boy is hurting me.
Baby boy is making me very very very sleepy.
Lost Bunko again. (I've never won. Next month is my month. I can feel it in my bones.)
Because of moving so much in our marriage, I've never been able to set up a nursery for Claire and now I have a nursery for her and baby boy. Makes me so happy! I'm almost done with both of them.

I have a weird laugh when I'm pregnant and I forget everything. I can't wait to have this baby. Only 2 1/2 weeks away at the most!


Lacey Tait said...

Man Jen you have been so busy! No wonder time has gone by so fast! I can not wait for this sweet baby boy to be here! And who else is pregnant in your family?

The Baldwin's said...

YAY Jen, can't wait to see this baby, he's gonna be Bud Jr. :) sorry he's hurting you, but you are a really cute pregnant Mom, sure love you!

Liz and Calogero said...

You are so dang busy Jen I can't keep up with you. I know February is your month for winning BUNKO I can feel it in my bones. You are going to blow Lacey and Nikki out of the water with your mad BUNKO skills. I can't wait to see your new place and I am so excited to see this little guy. Love ya!

Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

You really need to post pictures of your new place and your nurseries! I thought of another boy name for you... Miles!

Ligia said...

Yea, i want to see the nurseries. Almost done with school? Good luck. You can do it!