Monday, October 5, 2009

Cruisin the Caribbean

What a GREAT GREAT GREAT vacation! We had an incredible time! This post will be a massive picture overload, but I want you to try and experience even a small piece of this trip. I laughed and ate constantly. It was such a great time!

This is right when we got onto the ship in Miami. We hadn't slept all night, but were still thrilled with excitement! The humidity was outrageous, but we learned to love it.
None greater than Parker and Kate Davidson to travel with!!!!!
The casino that Mikey lost $60 and I won $20. Naughty.
The man in the blue polo shirt goes down in history books. His name is Gary and he came on the cruise by himself. He is insane, but we LOVED LOVED Gary watching!
My belly came out this week. Parker and Kate are probably enthralled in Gary moves.

Mikey's first time trying lobster and shrimp. I was proud of the guy. He claims that anything can be good dipped in that much butter. He's a steak, fries, chicken nuggets and pizza kinda guy.

Grand Cayman! Off to play with some sting rays!

We swam with, held and kissed giant sting rays! P & K have pictures of it, but at first I was TERRIFIED. Then, they became like little puppy dogs. They were our little friends. They brushed up against our legs and butts and one slapped me in the face. It was THE COOLEST thing! It's a must do in Grand Cayman! Oh! And we snorkeled and saw a huge scary eel like the one on the Little Mermaid.

2nd stop: Roatan Island, Honduras. I think this was my favorite stop. It was perfect in every way! Carlos drove us to a gorgeous beach where we lounged, floated, had some interesting conversation with our friend Gary and ate some chips and salsa. Oh! And I held little Yasmin the monkey and fed him an apple. Such a GREAT DAY! The beach and water was to die for!

My favorite picture of P&K. So cute, huh?
Guess what Mikey's doing? Just look at that face. Ew.

My little buddy Yasmin.
3rd stop: Belize! One of the first things we saw in this little country was 2 men breaking into a car. I didn't quite know what to do or what to make of it, so I snapped a pic.
In the back of the horse ride. We took a city tour on the back of a horse. It was a complete downpour for 90% of the day so unfortunately, we weren't able to see the beach or the jungle. We had a great time shopping and checking out the Belizans though. I've never seen more poverty. It was heartbreaking, but a really cool experience.

LOVIN this guy!

Cozumel was our next stop! For the entire day we cruised around on scooters and checked out the beach and ate at a yummy Mexican place. Kate has our scooter pictures. Vacations are great because you get so many fun pictures, but by the end, I was so sick of pulling out my camera! Dangit.

This is my looking like a cow sitting on a cow. Who'd a thunk?
He's such a celebrity.
GEORGE!!!!!!!!! This man was our server for the cruise. The poor guy probably hated us. We actually hated him at first because his English and Spanish were completely horrible, but by day 2 we completely fell in love with the man with the glass eye. You could never tell which way he was looking, but I kind of liked him that way.
Mikey, George, Parker and BANCHA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh what I would give for Bancha to serve me a baguette and some butter right now.
Cozumel again. Poor Mikey couldn't for the life of him get up on this thing. It was so so so so so funny. I have about 30 pictures of it and we were all dying! Poor guy.

Shuffle Board. One of favorite cruise ship pass times.

Our last night was a sad one. So sad to say goodbye.

This picture is THE GROSSEST and funniest thing I have ever seen in my life! Mikey wasn't trying to be serious....OBVIOUSLY. But isn't that so funny and gross? I love it.
Table #515 is the luckiest table in the world.
BANCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impersonating George taking our order. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!
The cruise ended perfectly with this beautiful sunset. I can't wait for our next one!


melissa-brad said...

this trip looked too good to be true jennie!! i can't even tell you the feelings of jealous rage that are going through my body!! IT LOOKED LIKE A BLAST!!!

glad you guys had fun! and you seriously are so cute with your little belly!

Travis and Addie said...

Looks like so much fun! We want to do that exact cruise again it was too fun to NOT. You look super cute with your little baby belly! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it so much!

Liz and Calogero said...

Welcome home from your awesome VACA! I am so glad you had a good time and were able to relax and soak up the sun Jen LOVE YA!

Marshall, Lauren and Walker said...

Looks awesome! Cruises are the best. The best and worst part is all the food!!!!

Ben and Natalie's Family Zoo said...

Wow, I need a vacation! Looks like you had so much fun--so happy you had a great time! Love you and your cute belly :)

The Robisons said...

I love that you posted so many pictures. Looks like you had a fun vacation. I'm sure it was much deserved!

John and Erin said...

We really missed out. Your trip looked like a good one. Wish we could have been there.

Allie said...

You butts. That looks paradisical. I wish we could have been a part of it! Your belly is looking cute.

Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

Jealous, Jealous, Jealous!!!! Looks like tons of fun!! I can't believe that was the 1st time Buddy had ever tried shrimp and lobster! Holy Moly, what a sad life it would be w/o those staples!!!