Saturday, October 31, 2009


Cornbelly's is a cute name for a Fall/Harvest Festival for kiddies. Claire and I went with some of our family and CLAIRE loved it! I must say that it wasn't the best time I've had in my life, but I loved seeing her having so much fun. Chasing that girl around with a big ol belly can be brutal. Next time, Daddy will be coming along! I've never seen a busier and more curious little girl than Claire. She will find something awesome and amazing and interesting to look at in a dang portal potty. She cracks us up and everyone else up constantly! I'm bummed I didn't get many pictures of her smiling, and she looks pretty ticked in most of them, but she had a great time and a great nap afterwards. Isn't Fall the greatest?!?!?! Oh my gosh, I love it! And isn't Claire the greatest? She reminds me of me. Haha!!! She really is the best girl in the world though! What would I do without her?
Happy Halloween!!!!! I put together a pretty dang cute lady bug costume for Clairey. I can't wait to put it on her tonight and take her trick-or-treating! Even better.... I can't wait to eat all of her candy! :)

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