Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Home Jakie Poo!!!!

It has been so great having Jakie home! I was the only one that cried at the airport when he go here. I thought everyone would be crying, but I guess after the 7th missionary in the family, Jake wasn't as cool. Not to me! He's my favorite. The embrace was everything I anticipated between Jake and Angie. They made eye contact, started walking towards each other in slow motion (I didn't see this happening)...and I happened to step right in between the two of them right before the sparks started flying again. Everyone started laughing and kicked me out of the way. I feel bad I ruined their moment, but as you can see from the pictures and the intensity of her closed eyes, they didn't miss a beat. I think I even heard him say, "Hey baby!" Gag. It was so super cute though and those two crazy love birds are already making marriage plans. Their hormones are raging wild I tell ya. Jake had his surgery on Friday and had his homecoming on Sunday. He's doing really well and I am so glad he is home and feeling better.


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Holly said...

Cute girlfriend Jake! Cute pictures...I especially liked the one of his butt.