Monday, September 14, 2009

Lacey's Shower

My best friend, Lacey, had her darling new baby Nahla last week and before she came, we threw her a fun shower! I love my friends! Next time, Claire will stay home. Until she's 10 and can hold still. Nahla is the sweetest little angel! I love her like she's my sister's baby! Love you Lacey and Jeff. Congratulations.... Brooke had little Mia May too! She's so flippin cute. I hope my little boy is as cute as these babes.


Mel said...

CUTE Jen! Thanks so much for posting those! That seriously was SO much fun to see all of you guys! I missed you all this summer a TON!! Anyway CUTE pictures of Jake too! What a little sweetheart! ;) I hope he's feeling a LOT better! Thanks again for posting these! Love ya!!

The Baldwin's said...

so so cute! wish i could've been there or maybe invited?!? :) i love those 2 new babies, what dolls. and so fun you're having a boy!!