Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SO much to look forward to!!!!!!!!!!!! (in no particular order)

*Move from Sioux Falls, SD to home sweet home, UT on MONDAY! (Buddy 5 days later)
*Move into the Peterson home
*Play with friends and family like crazy
*My Birthday!
*Start school on the 26th
*Want to quit school on the 27th
*Buy a home
*Buy a car
*Buy a carseat(poor Claire is still squished in her 1st ever carseat)...waiting until we get home because we have no room in our car for 2 carseats for the move back.
*Lacey's shower
*Play with my sisters!!!!
*Get a slurpee and Wingers(they don't exist here)
*Go to Hogle Zoo
*See my brother's new house
*No more bloating and cute belly popping
*Find out the sex of the babe
*Go to the cabin!
*Condo in Park City
*Fishing, boating, camping, ANYTHING!!!
*My favorite of all.....a 7 night cruise to the Caribbean! Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Honduras and Belize on September 20th! Have any of you been on this cruise? Reviews? Grandma Dody is taking over and Bud and I are on our way to our 2nd honeymoon. (With Parker and Kate!) Anybody else want to come?
*My second favorite.....Elder Jakie gets home on October 13th!

These next couple of months are going to rock rock ROCK! I can't wait to get our family home to the Promise Land of Zion.


Travis and Addie said...

Oh man Jennie I'm so excited for you! And Travis & I did that exact cruise in June! K in Grand Cayman you HAVE to go to the turtle farm and go swim with the sting rays! You have to! Coolest experience ever! and in Honduras we went to the Mayan ruins which was amazing but we did it through a different group...I'll have to get you the name of it, saved us tonz of money and we had an AMAZING tour guide! then in Belize you need to catch a taxi and go to West Beach...absolutely gorgeous! White sand, clear water, amazing snorkaling (so Travis tells me) and great sun bathing! Oh man I'm so jealous!

SaRah G. said...

WOW!!That sounds like tons of fun!! I'm jealous!! I'm very excited for you though! I'm counting down the days to when i get to go home for a while!! that's the best!

Matt and Carly Van Dyke said...

Jen, you are hilarious! You do have a ton of exciting stuff going on! Congrats!!! Love ya!

kate + parker said...

Oh wow I can't wait for our cruise!! I just got done looking at travis and addie's pics and they look amazing!! haha can't wait to get out on the caribbean with you guys!

Holly said...

I'm excited to see you guys when we're in S.L. picking up our new little addition. I guess we'll see ya soon!