Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 Years Ago Today!

Today is our 2 Year Anniversary!!! I can't believe how fast this past year flew by. As I was going through our wedding pictures, memories came rushing to me. Our wedding day really was the best day of my life! On August 1, 2007, I made the most important and best decision I will ever make. Marrying Michael John was the smartest thing I've ever done!

The day started out waking up super early to get ready for my WEDDING!!! AHHH!!! I did my own hair and makeup and drove to the temple. Bud and I drove separately with our parents and text eachother the entire way. I was so anxious and excited to finally get there! We finally got to the temple and I'll never forget how cute Buddy looked in his perfect new suit holding his tuxedo getting ready to walk in. I couldn't wait any longer! We finally got into the temple and my sweet mom helped me get dressed and ready for the sealing room. Before going into the sealing room was my favorite time of the day. The time I got to sit in the Celestial Room alone with my soon-to-be husband was unforgettable and a very precious moment for me. I couldn't hold back the tears. It was a few minutes of time of pure happiness and bliss! It is so fun being that in love and excited for the future. We finally walked into the sealing room and seeing everyone that was there to support us was overwhelming. I still can't remember much of what our sealer said to us that day. My mind was racing and Bud and I kept giggling. It wasn't the right thing to do, but we were so excited and giddy and nervous that we couldn't hold back. He had the most pure look on his face during that sealing. He's the greatest guy.

After the sealing, it was picture time! Thankfully, we flew through our pictures because it was August 1st and dang hot. My legs were dripping sweat. So gross huh? We were excited for our luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building which was delicious and full of our favorite people. The wedding video was awesome and I can't wait to watch it again tonight!

After the luncheon, we had a few hours to spare before we had to be to Gardener Village for our reception. We stayed busy........I had to re-do my hair and make-up! Oops.

The reception was perfect. The cake was perfect. The flowers were gorgeous! Our entire wedding party looked perfect and people kept coming and coming and coming to congratulate us. It was the most perfect day I could have asked for!

It was finally time to go home and this may have been the most fun time of the night. As we were walking out, Buddy's whole gang of friends lined up and chanted, "Jennie Bennion.....Jennie Bennion....." as if we were at a high school basketball game. I loved it and I loved hearing my new last name! I was officially Jennie Bennion. The best part was getting into the Escalade that Mason Law chauffeured for us. Cute Mason made us a honeymoon CD and we listened to it all the way to Park City and we had a fun dance party the whole way! We weren't tired. We were so excited! We just kept dancing and laughing our heads off probably nervous for what more was about to take place.... We ran through the drive through at McDonald's because I was starving and finally got to our spot. Our honeymoon was so fun and amazing and these past 2 years have only got better and better since!

I love you Michael John Bennion! Since high school, I secretly couldn't picture my life without you in it. 2 years down....eternity to go!


thehaagas said...

Happy Anniversary! I love weddings, you two make such a cute couple.

Petersons said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You did have a great wedding :)

troy and erin said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I loved reading about your wedding day! It makes me smile hearing how happy you were and it reminds me of how happy I was on my wedding day. Wedding days are just amazing.

Kenzie said...

You hot dogs!! happy anniversary!

Kara Denise... said...

Congrats you crazy kids!

John and Erin said...

Wow 2 years already!!!! Congrats you guys. I also couldn't be more happy about you two getting married. I love you both. Can't wait to hear what you're having. Congrats!!! We miss the Bennions.

Brian and Kira said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved your story. And your wedding pictures are beautiful.

Snell family said...

TWO YEARS?? That's how long you've married? You two aren't kidding around about pro-creating!!!
Happy Anniversary. It sounds like it was the perfect day. All except after the luncheon. That part kind of grossed me out.