Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Summers as a super salesman's wife can get too easy. Too easy you ask? It is REALLY slow paced and laid back. The day goes by about .000000000000001 miles per hour and it's easy to slack off. Last night, Buddy came home to toys scattered, full laundry baskets, me sitting watching The Bachelor and no dinner on the table. I agree that dinner doesn't need to be made every day for your husband as he walks in the door, but during the summer....there is nothing else more important going on. He's been working his bootie off, so dinner should definitely be ready for the poor guy. I could tell he was bummed after a long day of work, so I started to feel guilty. Sometimes I'm such a pain. To ask for forgiveness, I emailed him this poem:

I have a husband named Mike.

He is one that we all seem to like!

His wife is imperfect and crazy too.

But he still loves his wifey bifey boo boo.

The dishes aren't done, the laundry's a mess.

My husband is quite patient, I must confess.

He loves me for me though sometimes he's pissed.

My favorite thing from him is when I get kissed.

I am no Kelly D. and no Sister Mayf.

I'm just Jennie Bennie and I play it safe.

I wish I was better at tasks and chores.

But with my free spirit and mind, it often bores.

Responsibility is something I'm still learning.

In my mind, putting thought into action is constantly turning.

I hope you can forgive me when I am wrong.

I hope you and Hitler don't smoke a bong.

I'll keep working at all my issues at hand.

Maybe some day we can start a band.

I love you, Mikey No Rikey. Thank you for being patient with me. I'm still learning to be a good housewife and I will keep trying harder. Thanks for working so hard. I really mean that!


Do you think he will forgive me? I hope so. Tonight, the house will be IMMACULATE and the laundry will be folded and put away. A delicious dinner will be anxiously waiting my sweet guy so he can slide his feet under and feast. I might even clean his pee spots off of the toilet. Slow paced and easy is nice, but fast paced and busy is the life I am much better at. Love you Bud-a-love!


kate + parker said...

he will most definitely forgive you. I loved the poem...esp about kelli D. I know exactly what you mean about lazy days. Somehow my house always looks better when I have had a busy day. and my hair is NOT that long yet. that was a pic from seattle last summer. I wish it was that long! It is still short and struggling.

Travis and Addie said...

haha I love this post! I'm the same way. I'm much more productive when I have less time to do something...like right now, as I sit and watch SYTYCD while Travis is gone...and will be gone for at least 2 more hours and there are dishes in the sink to be cleaned, dishes in the dishwasher to be unloaded, and something smelly in the trash...we all have those moments :)

Ligia said...

The you and hitler don't smoke a bong line was the best. Cute poem. I think he'll forgive you. I don't always have dinner ready either and I get the guilty feeling also. Thanx for the book recommendations by the way. I'm reading the China study right now and love it so far. It's just what I needed.

Hayley Neil said...

Oh that Kelli D. is such a great example to us all!
You are hilarious Jennie! I am the queen of lazy days at my place.