Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was so fun! I got to spend a ton of time with Bud and I loved it. I also loved it because I LOVE the wives at this office! I have made a bunch of new friends and I am so glad! We hang out and craft all day. I seriously love these girls. Calling them girls makes it sound like we're at girl's camp. They aren't really girls, but I don't want to call them ladies or women because that just sounds so old. I love my peers? Anyway..... I just think they are all so nice and fun! I'm so thankful there are so many of us because what else would I do all day? I am loving this summer and Buddy is doing great at work! Life is good and this summer is flying by. Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to..

Just a day at the lake. Here is cute Tanner cruisin in his scooter down the dock. He's only 2 and he is 100x better than I could EVER be on a scooter!

Clairey and Daddy...

One of my good friends, Brittney and her baby McKinlee on the beach...

Connor and Tanner being boys.

Clairey's first time touching sand. She loved it!
I LOVE Minnesota! It's beautiful here.

Look what Bud caught!
Just the guys thinking they're cool.

So sad. They hooked these little fishies for bate.

Bud's big catch!

I love this picture. Isn't the lake gorgeous? They are all around us!
Claire's crazy hair after pig tails. Silly girl.

Oh how I love her!
Most of the wives out here. Such a fun group!

Anyone want to come visit?


troy and erin said...

Fun weekend! I love being outdoors! It's so pretty where you guys are, and you took some great pics. I'm glad you've made some great friends :) Oh, and I laughed at that picture of Claire's hair after pigtails...so funny and cute!

The Zorad's said...

Looking at all you girls having fun makes me sad!! I miss you all!!I am glad your having fun.. :)

The Porter's said...

I'm so glad we are such great peers. lol, Roller Blades anyone. haha

Megan said...

Hey! I am so sad that I missed the BBQ because I feel like I don't know anyone yet! I get back on Sunday so we'll have to get together. My number is 480.703.0142 - call me :)

Mack Attack said...

I want to come! You're lake pictures look like way too much fun!

Ligia said...

Oh I wanted to go to the lake so bad. I just got really sick that day. We'll have to try it again sometime cuz alex wants to fish too. he loves trying. And i love calling us girls too. I feel too young to be almost 30 anyways.

paulnmea said...

Your photog skills look awesome. I admit- totally jealous of the camera. Anyway, I swear I went to school with the girl on the right. Is her name Alison? If so, small world. Glad you made friends!!