Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am sitting on the front porch right now and blogging from my phone. I am LOVING this sunshine! Let's pray it stays and gives us a nice glow to our skin! Not the pregnancy kind.

Bud and I just booked a trip to Vegas in two weekends and I can't wait to have him all to myself and get even more sun! Oh it feels so good outside. I'm love this time of the year.

Easter is my 2nd favorite holiday. What do I love about Easter time you ask? Well, I love blooming flowers and green grass and my dads baby chickens and ducks. I love the bright blue sky and the few cotton clouds. I love hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper. I love dying and decorating eggs with my mom. I love searching for my Easter basket in my back yard and I especially love watching Sam look for his. He gets the most excited to find his so it's always in the hardest spot. :) I love playing hot and cold with Buddy for him to find his basket. I love buying treats to put in his basket that I like too so I can eat it them. I love taking pictures of the kiddies finding the colored eggs. I love new Easter church clothes and the meaning behind Easter. I love the excitement that this time of the year brings and I love seeing people outside playing and gardening and walking their dogs. I love getting into my car and feeling warm from it sitting in the sun! I love Sunday strolls and sitting on the front porch.

Seriously, thank goodness for springtime and Easter!!! I absolutely love it.


Anonymous said...

Ditto everything you just said. I love this time of year! What a fabulous post!

Anonymous said...

Did I really say fabulous?

Travis and Addie said...

yay for vegas! We'll meet up for sure!