Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 80th Grandpa!

This year has been a crazy one for my grandpa. He became deathly ill and fought through the pain and 70-day stay in the hospital. We had a huge celebration that my Mom and her sisters put together. It was a great night for my Grandpa and for everyone! Thank goodness he pulled through! We look forward to MANY more years with him and my Grandma. They are the greatest people I know. :)
Josh immitating Claire... She likes to be serious Sally a lot.
Sammy and me! I love this guy!Buddy couldn't make it because he was in Minneapolis working. We sure missed you Bebe!
Watching a video about Grandpa Walt.
Our family...
My sisters and sister-in-laws. We missed you Shantay!
Grampy and Clairey.


Gentri said...

You have such a neat and huge fam Jen, I love it!! AND you look freakin' skinny, seriously you better start putting on the weight or someone's gonna be worried about you ;) I'm excited for you big move to the Midwest, it's great (if you like hicks and all)

paulnmea said...

Cute pics Jennie. I love Claire's serious face. It reminds me of Owie. And Vegas??? Besides seeing naked bodies everywhere, I am totally jealous. Have fun.