Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catch up!

My oh my have we been busy! The semester is almost over which means millions of papers to write and tests to take! We squeezed a weekend trip to Las Vegas between all the mayhem. It was also Clairey's 10 month birthday while we were there and our Easter was too fun! In Vegas we went to a fun Excalibur Knights dinner show and we had to eat all of our food with our hands. The food was so dang good! I loved it. We also walked the strip, saw some gorgeous lions(my new favorite animal) and did some swimming. We also went to Body Worlds, Shark Reef and some delicious restaurants which were all fantastic! I loved this weekend so much and it was great to get away with just the three of us. Vacations are good for your health! Go take one! Easter was great with lots of candy and chocolate that I'm still eating. Now, we both have tons of finals to take and then we are off to Minneapolis for the summer! I'm getting super excited! We have lots going on these days and it's fun to stay busy. Buddy's sister, Kristin just graduated with her Master's in Social Work degree. CONGRATULATIONS Kris! How jealous am I???!!! I can't wait to be done with school! Also, the twins turn one tomorrow, but we can't be at the party because we are going to WICKED! I've heard so much about it and I can't wait to see what the fuss is all about! What other crazy things are going on? OH! My darling friend, Abbi and her hubby and two babies are getting sealed on Saturday. I can't wait to go to the temple and see it all. I'm so happy for her. She is the best girl and mom. I love you ABBI!!! OH! Buddy's birthday is on Tuesday and I've still got to finish his birthday present. YIKES! What a fun and crazy time! Here are some fun pictures of what we have been up to. Whoa. That was a really long paragraph. If this were a paper, I'd probably try and break it up into about 5 paragraphs with one word in that last line of each of them. Ha!

Here are a few from Easter. Buddy was out of town, but this is in Grandma and Grandpa Peterson's back yard.

Cute Boomer had to be in a cage during our hunt!
Ellie and my Dad with one of the duckies!
Happy girls! We love the sun!
I think I found something to stick in my mouth, Mom!
Thanks for the peeps, Grandma!

Vegas Baby!

At Shark Reef. We touched the sting-rays! So cool.

I see something awesome.
Huge lizard.
Bud's just taking a load off. He loves this picture way too much.We stayed at the Luxor.

At the dinner show at Excalibur.

10 months old!!! Happy darling girl!

M&M Factory. I love that smell.

Cute lady bug at the Bellagio! Made out of flowers.
I saved this picture for last because it's my favorite...... :)

I love this time of the year! Time to go get some laundry done........


troy and erin said...

Fun trip! You guys did so many fun things...I love the Excalibur show ("Hazaa!"). And Jennie, you are just the cutest, skinniest, most stylin' mom! Good luck with all the things you have coming up :)

Bailey Family said...

your pictures are so cute and it looks like you guys had such a fun time. Good for you! IT is so nice to get out and find some time to spend as a family. Claire is such a doll!

paulnmea said...

Hey girl, I can't believe I up this late looking at blogs BUT your photog skills looks awesome with little Claire looking down at the grass on Easter. Something you will have to teach me whenever I get a new camera ;) I am glad you enjoyed yourself in Vegas, but you guys are in trouble for not visting on your way to or fro. But I guess I will forgive because we will see you soon because we will be up north. Longest comment ever?

Joe and Rindi said...

I loved these pictures! The last one is hilarious! You seriously look great! And Claire is just adorable! What a fun trip too! It makes me want to get somewhere warm!

Ligia said...

omg, the pic of mike taking a load off is so funny. guys love doing goofball stuff like that.