Thursday, December 11, 2008


As my little family is slowly growing, I have been trying to think of some fun traditions to start this year even though Clairey will have no clue what's going on. I am carrying on some of the Peterson's and adding a few of my own. Does anyone have a fun original tradition that you do with your family? Will you share? I need some fun ideas! Also, I am going to my friend Christmas party and we are doing a cookie exchange and I need a yummy recipe really bad! Don't be selfish with your recipes people. These young moms need good ones too!


Candice said...

Well, I have 2 traditions in my family that I plan on passing along to Jackson. The first one is new PJ's on Christmas eve and the second is a new Christmas ornament each year. For example I chose snowmen as Jackson's theme, so every year (unitl I die) I am going to give him a snowman ornament every Christmas. Oh and I have a very yummy cookie recipe. Do you like almonds? They are called Yan Hagels and I love them! PS... you and Buddy need to bug Landon into having another ugly Christmas sweater party this year.

Ashley said...

We do the pj's too! I love that tradition! What ones are you carrying on from your family??
Here are some ones that I've heard that sound fun: (and some we're doing)
Watching a Christmas movie on ~Christmas Eve or day.
~Snowboarding on Christmas Eve.
~Advent-you have four candles and light one each Sunday before Christmas. (ya know the tall skinny candles? They'll all be different sizes at the end but you get more and more light each Sunday) It's supposed to represent Christ. So you can tell stories of him as you burn the candles. ?
~Uh...I'm all out of ideas! Haha..I had more before I started but my mind just went blank.

Holly said...

I saw on someone's blog (I can't remember who right now), but anyway instead of doing twelve days of christmas, they do the Twelve DATES of Christmas and go out or bake together or do something simple and special between the two of them every day leading up to Christmas. I thought that sounded cool, but of course include the whole family.