Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mikey broke his poor toe.

Poor Mikey. He stubbed his last four toes on the corner of the couch running up to help me with a crying baby. I felt so dang bad. He usually has the most perfectly straight toes you've ever seen! Toe #4 didn't make it. He broke it, but it is currently healing nicely. I hate stuff like that. Turns out we didn't even need to go to the doctor. He just tapes it up next to toe #3 to straighten it back out. There is NOTHING worse than hitting those last 3 toes on something. He wanted me to tell you he broke it wrestling a bear, but instead he broke it trying to run and make Claire Bear feel better. Pretty heroic if you ask me.


Savannah and Wren said...

Buddy is a true hero Jine. I love his full body mugshots too. I'm just kidding, he looks charming in those pictures. I really do feel bad though. Tell him I'm sorry, and give him a pat on the back for me. Ice his toes for him Jine.

Allie said...

Matt wanted me to tell Buddy that he has ugly feet. Sorry about that toe.