Monday, November 24, 2008

I am thankful for.....

Obviously, I am beyond thankful for my sweet hubby, my little Clairey and the rest of my family and amazing friends and church and Utah and etc.... but there are some other things in life that I just love too and that I just don't mention that I am thankful for. The truth is, there is a lot more to be thankful for than the obvious! I am also thankful for....

Automatic cars.....I'm so sick of my stick shift.
FM 100.............Just a great station.
KOSY 106.5.........Thanks Delila.
Hair straighteners...You'd hate my frizzy hair.
Car horns......I am out to stop idiot drivers. I'm just a little upset that my horn sounds like it just inhaled helium.
Disposable Diapers....does this need an explanation?
TiVo.........Saves time when you're addicted to a few.
Boutiques....I love enjoying others talents and ideas.
Laughing........ I just love crying from laughing so hard.
Lamps.......I love lamp. Where did this saying come from? They just warm up a room.
Slippers.......who wants to walk around in heels all day?
Dishwashers......I may or may not be lazy.
Cameras.........Catches life's best moments and saves memories!
Tweezers.........Nobody likes a messy uni brow.

I could go on and on and on! Aren't we so so so blessed to have all of these little things to makes our lives a little easier and more comfortable? What a wonderful feeling it is to crawl into a warm bed and have a safe place to rest our heads! I'm thankful for my life and for all of the little things that I enjoy every day.


paulnmea said...

Amen sista! Don't forget baby wipes, q-tips, eyelash curlers, and the good 'ol washing machine. Can't wait for our turkey feast...

John and Erin said...

I too Love Delila!

Lacey Tait said...

Dang that is a good list you got there! Its so true we sometimes forget how blessed we are!

Holly said...

Haha, looks like we were right on the same page with this post. I just now read yours and I swear I didn't copy!:) Speaking of just now reading yours, I need to get used to the idea you are private and will not pop up at the top of my blog list. Sorry I missed you guys at Thanksgiving. It would have been fun to see you and hold little cutie Clair.

Gentri said...

Well guess what Jen? I'm thankful for you!! P.S. I don't have a dishwasher-so I'm really thankful you have one :) haha

Tara Thueson said...

haha!! You are such a dork. I totally could've written that list myself. Minus tweezers. I do love a good unibrow.

Kris said...

Realized that now that you are private your new posts won't show up on my google funny that your horn sounds like it inhaled helium! I can't believe how big Claire is getting and her hair... I love the hair. I want to come sew with you so let me know when you can.